Thursday, April 7, 2011

1st 250 Word Contest ---Winners Announced

And the winner is.....

But before I announce the winners, I would like to thank Alyson Peterson for agreeing to judge my little contest. Especially for still taking the time after she found out she had a family emergency.

I would also like to thank everyone who participated.

Now on to the Alyson...

I finally got to reading all of those fabulous submissions. I picked the winners even though there were more than three that caught my attention. Here are my thoughts if you feel like posting there with my results.

My dear Writing Friends!

What a wonderful challenge it is to read the opening paragraphs to your submissions. I am sorry to say that I had to leave the fabulous internship due to a sudden illness in my family and I miss reading your queries and submissions. I hope to return soon (actually I don't because it would be post funeral and I'd like as much time as I can get!). After reading and commenting on all 16 contest submissions, I would have to say that I am concerned. Too many adjectives, adverbs, and unclear sentence structures!!! The best advice I can give is that you read (slowly and in monotone) out loud your manuscripts and have a red pen on hand to make changes. Keep your story on point, clear, and give a balance of show, tell and voice for maximum literary punch.

Here are the winners:

1st Place: #16 Soul Without A Boy by Lori Lee
2nd Place: #13 Bleed Well by Michael Tate
3rd Place: A unbreakable tie between #3 Envy by Angela and #8 Death By High Heels by Violet Ingram

Honorable mention: #12 Brothers Torn by, Leiann Bynum

I hope you are all well and writing like madmen/women. Best of luck and I hope to see you all on the page soon!


Alyson left comments on everyone's post. I suggest you take a look and see what she has to say about you.

If you're a winner, I will be contacting you soon for mailing info.

Thanks again, Alyson and thank you, participants.


  1. Congrats all! I hope your family has a speedy recovery, Alyson.

  2. Thank you for hosting the contest! And thank you, Alyson, for taking the time to read the entries amidst a family emergency. That's so amazing of you. I wish you and your family the best <3

    Congrats all!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Violet Ingram #8