Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The WINNERS of PERFECTION's Book Birthday

Hello all,

Sorry for the late announcement. There was a small family crisis (nothing serious) but I ended up having to travel to go help my son. Everything is fine.

First, I would like to thank everyone who participated.  I would also like to thank Spencer Hill for making all this possible.

Second, I would like to invite everyone to FLAWED's Book Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. You can check out the schedule here:  http://www.rockstarbooktours.com/2014/07/tour-schedule-flawed-by-jl-spelbring.html
Another chance to win FLAWED and a beautiful butterfly necklace.
Pretty, pretty!

To the best part of the contest...
The announcement of the winners.  SQUEEEEEE!

I have done this the old fashion way. For every point, I took the name and dropped it into my magic hat, swirled them all around, then one of my biggest fans (my fiance...LOL! He better be) drew out two names.

1st place winner is:

 Natalie @ Book Lovers Life

2nd place winner is:

Sana Parvayz

GRATS!!! And once again, thanks for participating. I hope you both enjoy PERFECTION and FLAWED!

Please contact me at j.lspelbring@yahoo.com so that I can get all the info to send you your prizes.