Monday, October 12, 2009

Vampires-Are They Done

This is my blog to put random thoughts on. My thoughts might change tomorrow, but for right now this is how I feel. :)

So are vampire books done? I hope not since my second ms has a vampire in it.
But overall, my answer would be no anyway. For some reason people like vampires, and have been intrigued with the creatures for over a hundred years-- not including all the myths that date before that.

The modern vampire is a combination of things that most people want or would like from life. Let’s take a look at a few things.

They are sexy--even the ones that aren’t that good looking seem to have a pull toward them, a mystique.

Powerful--strength and the power to protect yourself and the ones you love is very important with humans.

A lot of them are rich--but even if they aren’t they don’t have to suffer money problems. Credit cards, debt collectors calling, wondering how to pay all the bills, job lay-offs: Money is a great source of unpleasant stress in a person’s life. How great would it be to not have that unpleasantness in your life?

They suffer blood lust--Is this bad? I think most people would say, I couldn’t ever kill a human being, and I agree. For most sane people it would be unimaginable to takes someone’s life. It definitely is for me. But be honest, how many of you have someone in your life that you hate, maybe someone that did something terrible to you or a person you love, have you never, ever thought that person deserves what they have coming? :D Still couldn’t do it? Animals for the squeamish people like me.

Some have supernatural powers--how many people have fantasized about reading people’s minds or influence their boss? I think that is a normal fantasy--to influence and change the world around them or to know what is going to happen so that the right words/choice can be made.

Work?--When and if vampires work, it seems they get jobs that they are really good at and really love doing. How many people work at a job they hate, but yet they have to go to work anyway to pay the bills?

The most intriguing part of being a vampire is immortality, to never grow old--For the most part, the fear of dying and the unknown has plagued mankind since the beginning of man’s history. So of course, immortality, and never having to worry about growing old and weak would be something that most humans would want.

So should the vampire books be done? Why should they be?
The whole point of fiction is to capture your reader and bring them into another world away from common, ordinary life. For them to meet fascinating people, go to wonderful places, and for them to find a world to live vicariously through a fictional character. And if a good vampire story (or any story for that matter) is delivering that, then kudos to whoever wrote it. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 10 things I hate while trying to write.

It’s been awhile since I had posted a blog. Was not feeling well last week so what time I spent on the computer, I donated to writing.

I thought this would be a fun topic, and not only that, but something that is shared by everyone who writes, published and non-published alike. So here it is.

If you have things that you hate and would like to share, be sure to add into comments so that maybe I can compose a new list, and share with everyone.

Ten things that I hate while trying to write:

10) My husband, who usually is happy watching TV, flops over the back of the couch, arms dangling over the edge, and starts talking to me. No, that is not a bad thing for us to have a conversation (I actually like it), but it tends to happen when I am trying to write.

09) I usually tend to write at a certain time during the day, every day, and someone still calls who I have told of my schedule.

08) The only room that has the space for my desk and computer is the living room.

07) Borrowed from fellow Twitter @jillkemerer Sitting down to write and having telemarketers call three times in one hour.

06) Everything is quiet, words are finally blazing across the computer screen, then school is out for the day.

05) Just getting settled in to write and one of the kids calls because they forgot their lunch money.

04) The phone ringing. Yes, I do notice the trend. You would think that I would just shut it off, but I can’t just in case something happens.

03) The kids are all busy doing something, the husband is busy doing something, I have the living room to myself, I am on a great scene or roll. Then as if there is some form of radar, everyone is suddenly in the living room at once and turning on the TV.

02) My characters play out scene after scene in my head while I am trying to sleep, which keeps me up and then the next day, I feel too tired to write.

And the number one thing I hate…Drum roll please.

01) The scene is vivid, the characters are lively and colorful, and no matter how hard I try, the right words fail to come out as I picture it.