Sunday, September 18, 2011

Voting Time for 1st To Make Our Toes Curl Contest

As promised, even though a tad later than I anticipated, the entries are up. If you notice a mistake on your entry, please leave a comment below this post so that I can fix it up for you.

This was a very fun contest and I want to thank everyone who entered.

I was very impressed with the entries for this contest. I had to put splints on my toes to straighten them back out.


Voting Time: Starting now and ending Saturday, Sept 24th.

1) If you entered then please choose three entries that are your favorite. Please do not leave comments for any other entries except the ones that you have chosen. The comment equals one vote.

2) In the comment section tell the author what you loved about their entry.

3) If you made our toes curl in 250 words or less, you get an extra vote.

4) If you are a visitor, please follow the same rules as above.

As a side note: Since you are picking the ones to go to the next round, please read all the entries before you choose your favorites. That way it is fair for all the authors.

Another side note: The whole learning aspect of this contest was so that people could see what the voters liked about the passage. This might give you ideas on how to really make the readers go WOW.

Hugs to all. Good luck!


  1. Awesome! So excited. Gonna be hard to choose. :)

  2. It's actually "S. Kyle Davis." Nit picking, of course. Anyway, thanks for doing this. Loved reading all the entries!

  3. Thanks for organizing this. After reading all the subs, this was really, really hard. All of them were awesome!

  4. Hey Ebyss,

    I just wanted to invite you to the contest on my blog. It's way easy and fun. It's a search for the most romantic couple in Literature. Post is open accepting nominations NOW, so grab your favorite couple and go nominate them! Gonna be lots of fun! Hope you can come play! :)

    Thanks, Melinda

  5. Thanks for hosting the contest! I enjoyed all of the entries! Christy

  6. Fantastic! You're great at organizing events like this--I feel like I have 2 left feet.