Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tish--post 9

Title: Scent of a White Rose
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
set-up: first time MC's see each other.

The guy smiled and I thought I would die.

Right then the clouds broke, and he looked like an angel bathed in moonlight. He was so gorgeous. He had to be about 6’ 2”, and solid muscle from the looks of him. Not bulky like those beefed-up body builders, but very athletic. Wide shoulders, broad chest, thin waist, and what I was sure would be strong, muscled legs. With the moonlight shining on him, I could see he had dark blonde hair, with golden highlights, cut shaggy and sharp. I hadn’t realized that I was half hanging out the open window of the limo, when he turned suddenly and looked right at me. I thought I would die… again!

His eyes were a so beautiful, and it felt like they were piercing me. They were an amber color, a rich brown with gold highlights, just like his hair, mixing together like swirled caramel and honey. He was amazing and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Right then Jill came barreling out of the nightclub with her escort closely behind her. She was saying something like, “I only wanted a quick shot”, the rest of us started laughing from the car. As she started to walk past the beautiful man, he reached out and tapped her gently on the shoulder. She stopped and he started speaking to her. She kept glancing at the car and back at him with a huge smile on her face, then he handed her something and disappeared back inside.

I was so anxious to see what this impossibly gorgeous guy had said to my friend. I was sure it had to do with her only using the facilities instead of being a paying customer or something like that, as it was obvious by the t-shirt he wore that had the club’s logo on it, that he worked there.

When Jill got in the car, she sat there for a moment with a “cat-ate-the-mouse” grin on her face and then she handed me a business card. It was shiny and smooth and had the nightclubs logo and name on the front. I turned it over and found a hand scribbled note that read, “The scent of a white Rose fills my nose. Innocent, sweet, and someone I’d like to meet.” ~ Christian

My mouth was gapping open, Jillian was still smiling at me and Penny and my other friends were already passing the card around reading the poem out loud.

Holy shit! Jill proceeded to tell me that he had asked her my name and then scratched out that poem so fast she could barely see his hand move. He had included his phone number on the back as well, and told her to have me call him after dark in 2 days. Which of course, I did.

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