Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sabrina--post 1

Title: Falling
Genre: Fantasy
Email: rainbow.starlight AT yahoo DOT com

I turned around. “Jack?”

A corner of his mouth slightly turned up, his once vibrant blue eyes deep with sadness. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, the words almost coming out as a whisper.

He shook his head. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, Kat.”

Tears slid down my cheeks. I vigorously tried to rub them away. My throat closed up and started to make that weird hiccupping noise. Pathetic, Kat.

Jack had stepped forward but I pushed him away. It was already too embarrassing. “I’m sorry. It’s okay, it’s okay!”

“It’s not okay, Kat.” He closed his eyes, breathing in deeply before he continued, “I wish I could go with you. If there was a way, I would find it. I want to be with you, Kat. I love you.”

Time froze in that moment. Millions of thoughts went through my mind in the space of a second. Staring seems to be the only thing I could do. This couldn’t possibly be real. Jack couldn’t. The only thing this could be is a dream. I held my breath, hoping, waiting.

He sighed and turned away, obviously misinterpreting my silence. “I’m sorry. That was—”

I pressed my lips together before bursting out in laughter. A wide, silly grin stretched across my face. “All we can say is sorry. That’s it. You also have nothing to be sorry for because…” My hands rushed to cover my mouth. I can’t say that.

A voice deep inside my mind whispered, Why not?

Cheeks burning, I said the words that I never thought I would say to him, only think. “I love you!”

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