Sunday, September 18, 2011

Melinda Williams--post 14
genre: YA Contemporary
Title: Chargers
set up: She is on her way home, in the middle of the night, after a party/meeting under the school with an elite secretive society. This is when he first admits his feelings to our MC.

Tears build while I crawl through the tunnel. Barely to my feet in the janitor’s closet, a hand pulls me into the dark corner. As he presses my back against the wall his scent gives him away.

“Andre?” My voice cracks. Dang it.

“How did you know it was me?”

I can’t see his face in the dark, but it must be close because his words brush my cheek. “It’s not hard to guess when you’re so close.”

“Should I back up?”

“I uh…I dunno.” I sniff back the tears that didn’t get to fall.

“You’re upset.” He touches my hair and my muscles tighten.

“I’m just sick of everyone thinking I don’t belong here.”

“I don’t think that.” Now his mouth feels close to my ear.

“Ya, right, I’m not stupid. You’re harder on me than anyone.”

He’s silent for a long time. I swear my heartbeat is loud enough to hear. It only gets worse when his hand rests on my side where prickles break loose. “No, I hate to give you low scores. I just want you to fight harder.”

“I’m trying.” The words are shaky, but I’m surprised they form at all because his fingers are twisting the hair at the back of my neck. I push his hand away. “If you’re trying to distract me, you’re doing a great job. If you want me to understand anything you say, you better stop touching me.”

His hands drop.

“I need sleep.” I shake my head and take a step toward the door.

“No, stay. I want to talk about something else”


“So, you’ll let me touch you.” He pulls me back against the corner, voice thick.

“That isn’t funny.”

“I’m not laughing.” He rests both hands on the wall around me.

“You’re acting weird.”

“I know, but I’m drawn to you like I’ve never been drawn to anything.” He swallows hard. “Trust me, this is not my sort of thing. But I’m sick of fighting it. Everything has been about you for so long. I can’t hide it anymore.”

His hands search me in the dark. Running up my arms, over my shoulders, cupping my neck. His thumbs run along my jaw until my chin is trembling. He drops his forehead to mine. His breathing is sharp, matching my own, but the pounding in my ears is so loud I can barely hear anything else.

“Simone,” he whispers before his lips finally close over mine. They’re so warm. His palms circle my neck and pull me in. I think my hands are somewhere near his chest. I always imagined my first kiss as awkward, slobbery, and rushed. Nothing like this.

He pulls back, but barely. I still feel his hot breath on my mouth.

“This can’t be real,” I whisper.

“It feels real to me.” His fingers run through my hair and pull me in again. This time he presses harder. “If this isn’t real, nothing is,” he says resting his lips against my cheek.


  1. I like this scene because it's in the dark, where their faces are hidden and their truths can be hidden, yet they seem so vulnerable.

  2. *sigh* I heart this scene. I like how you've built up the tension between Andre and Simone only to let their walls fall down and they give in. Even in the dark, I was able to picture Andre (yum) and wanted to read more!
    Amazing job!

  3. I love the way that first he wants to just touch her. That's so sexy.

  4. Yes! Love the dialog. Love the setting. Love great first kisses.

    Every line he says is heart melting! Nice job!