Sunday, September 18, 2011

melinda--post 4

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Title: Unsolved
Genre: YA PR
Set up: It’s the middle of the night, and it’s pouring rain. They’re at his family’s Maine estate where he just told her all his secrets and she finally understands him, but she's stressed so he's trying to help calm her mind.

He reached the driveway and turned. His eyes met mine briefly before he lifted his face to the rain and dark sky with his arms outstretched to both sides, palms up. Peace devoured me as I watched him soak in nature so pleasurably. His divine power seemed to glow around his noble stature. The most graceful thing I’d ever seen.

I had to join him.

When I stood before him, I matched his position. Drops of water licked the skin on my arms, face, and neck. I closed my eyes and let the supremacy of Mother Nature clear my head. I focused my senses on the setting, not letting anything else in. The sound of the heavy rain hitting puddles, the feel of water cooling my flesh, the satisfying smell of refreshed life.

Every inch of my body relaxed, and all my anxiety evaporated. Christian had been right. It worked. So easily, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been enjoying this part of the world before. For the time being, nothing mattered. Something so simple, so beautiful, was more powerful than any drug.

When I opened my eyes, Christian was watching me. His white shirt had become soaked and clung to his carved body. His dark hair, stuck to his forehead. Hunger pooled in his eyes.

“Nice, huh?” He stepped toward me. I stiffened, certain I didn’t look anywhere as good as he did completely drenched.

I nodded and folded my arms. His stare brought stars circling. He slowly got closer and closer.

“You should teach that to everyone,” I said.

“I just did,” he breathed near my ear and pressed his palms into the small of my back. I lost the ability to speak as my blood flowed in rapid speeds. He leaned into me and rested his forehead on mine. His warm breath tickled the bridge of my nose. Mine came out just as rapid and heavy—I needed the extra oxygen to stay conscious. “Touching you reminds me of heaven. Literally.”

My arms came up over his. My hands ran the length of his arms and stopped just under his shoulders, my fingers sneaking under the hem of his sleeves.

A moan rumbled from his throat. “Do you know how nervous that makes me?”

My grip loosened, and I tried to back off.

He pulled me closer. “No, don’t.”

My hands returned to him. I shuddered, sure I could pass out.

“This is the beginning of everything that matters,” he said before dropping his moist lips to mine. His hands moved the hair from the sides of my face and pulled me even closer, making each kiss more ardent than the previous.

My head fuzzed, and my hunger for him made my knees tremble. We’d never been this alone before. His eager hold said he noticed it too. The delight from my blossoming feelings only increased when I thought of how extraordinary Christian was and how he loved me. It quickly grew overwhelming, but in a good way.


  1. I love this one, because of the supernatural feel. And some of the lines he uses rock! Like the "I just did." :) The part on mother nature is pretty awesome too!