Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 1st To Make Our Toes Curl


Just as promised....another super cool contest.

Only this time, I'm super lucky to be hosting this contest with some awesome writing friends.

Drum roll please!!!

The ladies from Oasis for YA. That's right, all six of them are joining me in a super duper most awesomeness contest.....EVAH!!!

But first let's meet the ladies:

*There is new Oasis sister, Larissa Hardesty. You can check out her blog here. Be sure and stop by to welcome her. Follow her @lchardesty

*Jessie Harrell-- Jessie's blog and interview. Follow her @JessieHarrell A big congrats to Jessie for her Nov. 17th release of DESTINED. You can preorder that now.

*Nikki Katz-- Nikki's blog and interview. Follow her

*Sheri Larsen--Sheri's blog. Follow her @SA_Larsen

*J.A. Souders--Jessie's blog and interview. Follow her @jasouders Also congratulate Jessica for her debut novel, RENEGADE, out Fall 2012 (I know that's like forever away...right?) I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for this one.

*A.E. Rought--A.E.'s blog and interview. Follow her @aerought A.E. has a novel sitting on publisher's desks. Let's wish her the best of luck.

Okay, now to the contest.

The title of the contest THE 1st TO MAKE OUR TOES CURL wasn't just something silly I thought up. Nope, there is a reason behind the insanity.

We want you to make our toes curl with the first romantic experience between your male and female characters. BUT (there is always a but) you got to do it in 500 or less words. AND if you can do it in 250 words then you get an extra vote.

It doesn't have to be a kiss either, unless you want it to. It can be anything---1st time they saw each other, 1st time they touch, 1st time they met...you get the picture. Anything that is the 1st between them qualifies.

But please, no porn. I know one of you were thinking about it.

So...this is how this works:

1) The contest starts SUNDAY, Sept. 11th in which you post your 500 word or less entry after I announce the opening.

2) Saturday, Sept. 17th, when the clock tolls midnight (um. central time) the contest will end.

3) Sunday, Sept 18th, at some point of time (I promise) the entries will be posted.

And here comes the learning aspect.

Each of you will be responsible to vote for three of your favorite entries (please do not vote for yourself) and then tell us why it was your favorite.

What Ebyss, no critique??? That's right and let me tell you why.

Most contests, including my own, always have critiques. I thought it would be interesting and informative for the author to know why his or her entry was the reader's favorite. What lit the fire in the cockles of the reader's heart--along with other body parts being lit *snicker*.

THAT BEING SAID!! Since there are no critiques and three comments....It is only fair that you read all the entries to make an informed decision. And I'm trusting the participants to do this. Your comment will equal one vote.

Don't worry. I'm capping the entries at fifty.

Which brings us to the next part....

4) The contest will end Saturday, Sept. 24th at the strike of the midnight hour, or when we reach fifty entries. At which time there will be another post announcing the contest is closed.

5) To enter, you have to follow my blog and OASIS for YA and, of course, enter.

6) And that is it. If you have questions, please post in comments and I will answer them.

Oh...wait...I guess you want to know what the winner gets. A completely invaluable prize it is.

You get...not one...not two... (I sound like an infomercial) but seven critiques of your first chapter/ten pages from all the girls from Oasis. Pretty impressive. Each of these ladies will bring to the table their own experience from the publishing world. And this will give you an opportunity to see styles, voices, word choices, sentence structures with your own work not just examples.

I, also, will be joining in this round with a critique. Not as impressive, but I'm doing it anyway.

So there you have it.

I can't wait to read what romance pulses in your entries.


  1. Yay! I can't wait to read the toe-curling scenes y'all are cooking up! Those are always my favorite in books, and my favorite to write. Good luck everyone!

  2. Quick question: does the entry have to be part of the WIP that we want reviewed or can it be from another piece?

  3. Stephanie,

    The entry can be from whatever you would like to enter.

  4. Cant wait to read all of the toe-curling romance!

  5. supah dupah for sure!!!! thanks, christy :0)

  6. Can't wait to read these! And thanks for the welcome, Ebyss! :)

  7. This sounds amazing. Too bad both my books don't have a toe curling meet-for-the-first-time. Good luck to everyone who enters! And I will be sure to show my support by participating in voting, if that's allowed from a non-contestant.

  8. Everyone is allowed to vote. :)

  9. Can we have more than one entry?

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