Friday, July 1, 2011

Revision Contest Rules

I'm really excited to be having a contest with super agent Natalie Fischer. Natalie is an agent with Bradford Literary Agency.

First and foremost:
The contest starts July 5th

This is just for the rules so if you have any questions you can post a comment and I can answer them.

Why? This contest is going to be a little different than the usual contests because we are focusing on revisions.

Everyone always worries about the first line, first paragraph, and first chapter. We want to see the second.

So, here we go!

Your submission should contain:

1) Write a short pitch. No more than two or three sentences. We need to know what your book is about.

2) The second line of your very first paragraph of the 1st chapter.

3) The first 250 words of your second chapter.

4) Please include your title, the genre, and a way to contact you.

What will happen next:

I will take the first 50 entries or the contest will end July 11th. Which ever comes first.

I will randomly select 15 entries and post them by July 13th for comments.

Comments will end by July 18th.

At that time you will be given a chance to revise your entry and repost it by July 25th.

Natalie will judge and then reward super awesome prizes cuz she is a super awesome agent.


If your entry is included within the ones randomly selected, then you must comment at least on three different entries.

If you won in my previous awesome contest with Gina Panettieri then please do not enter this contest.

You have to be a follower.


1st----A query critique and the first chapter.

2nd---A query critique and the first five pages

3rd---B and N gift card

Cool. Huh?

So get those submissions ready!!!!!


  1. Great contest and Natalie is fabulous!!

  2. Is an honorable mention "winning"? I <3 your contests.

  3. Wow, that sounds like such a fun contest!

  4. What a great idea! Love it! Does it have to be a finished manuscript or can it be one in the works?

  5. Robin,
    If you are an honorable mention then yes you can submit.

    She didn't say anything about fixed mss.. so yes, you can submit yours.

  6. LOL!! My comment above should have read...finished mss...Not fixed.

  7. This sounds AWESOME!! I love that its different. Wake to shake things up. :-)

  8. Great contest!! If I wasn't agented, I'd enter!


    I'm in your blog posts, prepping for your sneak attack...


  9. Is it that time already? Wow, where has the month gone? Congrats Natalie on wedding! pick me, pick me, lol, I'm not above groveling lol. :O) good luck to us all!