Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revised Entry 15 A.J. Spindle

Name: A. J. Spindle
Entry #15
Title: The Bridge Between Two Minds
Genre: YA
Contact: ajspindle(at)yahoo(dot)com

Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Alice Reid can handle pain, she’s been trained to. But training isn’t enough when her best friend, Daniel Cole, takes a bullet for her. Being a student at KAT was supposed to be like a spy movie- a place where they train teens to work for the CIA. Now she has to deal with her emotions and find his killer before the killer finds her.

2nd line: If I hadn’t tripped, he’d still be here.

First 250 of 2nd Chapter:
Beep, beep, whir. Beep, beep, whir.

Low noises, white lights. I felt groggy and confused, my head heavier than normal. It took me a minute to realize I was dressed in a hospital gown, stretched out on a bed. Without moving I could feel the IV taped to my arm and shuddered, sending radiating waves of pain up my back. I sucked in a breath. I hate needles. I didn’t want to open my eyes with the bright lights over me, but someone was holding my hand. It was rough and calloused. I peeked from under my eyelids to find Dan sitting in the chair next to my bed.

“Hey, how do you feel?” he asked me. I stared at him, it was all I could do.

“Dan?” It was really him sitting next to me. Breathing. Alive. I must be dreaming.

“Yes, Alice?” he asked. “What do you need?”

“You’re not dead,” I said evenly. My voice was soft like a whisper but I knew he could hear me.

“Neither are you, thankfully.” He tried to smile. Had he been crying? His face betrayed no emotion, but behind his eyes I thought I saw something.

“I’m not dead?” I asked, my voice thick with uncertainty. I didn’t feel dead, but then again I had no idea what “dead” felt like.

“No,” he said and then his smile faltered. “Why did you take the bike?”

The bike. His bike that I had ruined in the crash.

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