Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revised Entry 12 A.E. Martin

Name: A.E. Martin
Contact: aje237@yahoo.com
Title: Graveyard Phoenix
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Entry: 12


When necromancer Blaise Evarin unexplainably starts resurrecting people who get four days of life again, she uses her ability to help criminal trials while dealing with severe political and religious criticism. Things become more complicated when several of her recent resurrections remain alive, go berserk, and embark on murderous rampages. And that's only problem number one.

Second line of first paragraph:

I took the container of blood from the sobbing woman, wondering why she’d even picked it up.

First 250 of second chapter:

After Gideon seemed stable enough with the resurrection, I called his family over and they unleashed their joy on him. I stepped back to collect the empty blood container, and watched as the gravediggers covered the open grave with a tarp. Since Gideon would be going back down in a few days, it didn't make sense to fill it up again.

His family was doing a lot of hugging and crying, but Gideon seemed to be in shock, because he was holding himself stiffly and avoiding eye contact with them. Everyone came back acting differently. Some were back to themselves in a snap, while others screamed and wailed for an hour before they could be made to understand what was going on. Gideon seemed to be an internal, confused screamer.

Once again, watching someone who'd been dead not ten minutes ago walking, breathing, and talking, raised all the frustrating questions I had about how I, of all people, had the power to do this. Raising zombies was one thing, but I was still coming to terms with the fact that I could raise living people. Not knowing where the power came from or why, and having to watch the people I brought back die again four days later, didn’t make anything easier.

Stop thinking so damn much, I said to myself. At least the reasons I do this are justified, even if not everyone thinks so. I walked over to the Tillars.

“You should take Gideon home now,” I said.

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