Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revised Entry 1 Ashley Maker

ashleydmaker Entry Number 1

Name: Ashley Maker

Contact info: ashleydmaker(at)yahoo(dot)com

Title: Under the Trees

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy Romance

Pitch: Fleeing an arranged marriage, Araya’s last intention is to fall in love; when Prince Thor helps her, he doesn’t consider the consequences of harboring a fugitive princess…until Araya’s betrothed arrives, armed and determined to take her back.

Second line of first paragraph of 1st chapter: My muscles burned and sweat rolled into my eyes, but I could not let my horse slow down as we cleared fallen logs and ducked under branches.

First 250 words of 2nd chapter:

I intended to leave with the hunting party in the afternoon. After stopping and hearing requests and complaints in the villages along the way, we planned to set up camp under the yellow trees of the Golden Woods. Ten of my best men, all part of my signet guard, were to accompany me, in case we ran into trouble. Father feared we might.

“It has been too long since Darrell has pulled one of his stunts,” he said. “Expect trouble on your hunt. Be prepared. No harm can come from that.”

“My men are always prepared,” I replied, turning away to tie off my bag of supplies.

“Thor—” Father grasped my upper arm. He waited until I looked into his narrowed gray eyes. “If you come across them, don’t underestimate them. Be careful. I fear Darrell is up to something.”

His words sobered me, but they were not unexpected. The feud between King Cyric, my father, and King Darrell was well known and had only worsened since the engagement between my sister and Darrell’s son had fallen apart. They fought over the resources of the Golden Woods, for the rare white wood provided excellent lumber and supplied a plentiful source of game animals for hunting. Darrell’s men frequently crossed the boundary, meaning we had to constantly patrol, making sure no one pushed the line.

Still, I gave him my promise I would be careful, although sometimes I wished Darrell would do something so that the situation could be dealt with.

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