Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Passing the Word Around

I’m calling upon my writing friends, followers, and anyone else who would like to participate to help me.

I work with lower income and special students who want to expand their knowledge through a college education, but they are struggling with reading and/or mathematical concepts.

I would like to start a book drive. This way these students can improve their reading scores through practicing what we all love to do----read. As we know, the more you read, then the better you get. Plus, I hope to ignite in them a passion for exploring other worlds and other people through the written word.

I am asking for you to help me by donating books for this cause. Any MG or YA books would be greatly appreciated.

New or used--doesn’t matter. Fiction or non-fiction—doesn’t matter. The only thing I would like to do is keep the reading lvl at MG and YA.

What I plan to do when I get with these students is let them choose a book for them to keep. A lot of these students don’t read—at least by choice—and I’m hoping to expose them to great novels.

If you would like to help, please leave a comment, message me on twitter or leave me a message on facebook. Also, if you could plz retweet this or like on facebook with a link to spread the word would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

A side note...I'll be hosting my first 250 word contest next week. The judge--Alyson Peterson. Prizes---yep, I'll have some. Start date--March 7th. End date--March 17.


  1. I would love to donate some books to your cause! How would I get them over to you? I live in AZ, so I'm assuming I'm going to have to mail them :)

  2. Thank you so much Corina.

    I have sent you an email.

  3. Just email me the address and I'll send some books :-D

  4. Hiya
    Email me your mailing address at kitsy84557@gmail dot com and I'll send you my books.

  5. i'll post this on my blog. what a great idea. glad i could help.

  6. Thanks everyone so much for helping.

  7. I have a few books, including Graceling, that I'd be happy to contribute. Write me at