Friday, February 11, 2011

That's YAmore Blogfest

A big thanks to Oasis for YA for hosting the That's YAmore Blogfest! Since it's closing in Valentine's Day, several writers have posted 250 words of their current YA WIPs. Be sure to click the link above and check out some others. Great stuff there, and be sure to bring a fan, cuz it is HOT!

Below is 250 of my words on my current wip. Feel free to leave remarks. I love seeing what people have to say. Also, as I said earlier, be sure to visit others websites by clicking the link above.

After Myr closed her bedroom door, she found herself in Kira’s arms. He walked her backwards to her bed and eased her onto her comforter, then lowered himself on top of her. The opposing sensations, the hardness of his body and softness of her bed, ignited a thrill in her.

His lips locked on hers and, once again, his kiss penetrated deep. His fingers traced along the side of her waist, leaving behind a trail of ice and fire. With a flip of his hand, his palm lay on the bare skin of her stomach as his mouth moved to her neck.

Every part he caressed sent tingling electrical pulses through her, muddling her mind. Her breath hitching in her chest, she stilled, unsure what to do. Surely, with her mother downstairs, he wouldn’t go too far.

“Relax,” he breathed in her ear.

His hand moved just under her breast as he kissed her earlobe, sending chills along her spine. With the tip of his thumb, he teased her sensitive skin just under the curvature, surging waves of warmth and driving her to the precipice where she teetered and fell.

She no longer cared where they were at. Her hands outlining the contours of the muscles of his back, her leg hitched over his waist, pressing their bodies closer together. She pulled his face back to hers and tasted his mouth, nipping his bottom lip.


  1. phew - I think I need a cold shower after that one. Nice scene!

  2. I'm with Jessie! Hot hot hot!

    - Liz

  3. WELL, I know where this is going! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. I don't think I should have read this on a Sunday morning! My mom would be very upset with me. :-)

  5. Phew, I can see why she suddenly really doesn't care about Mom being downstairs. I think most girls would have forgetten that minor detail with Kira's hands and lips roaming over them! Holy moly.
    - Sophia.

  6. Please, please, please don't let Mom come upstairs anytime soon!!

  7. I gave you an award on my blog today.

  8. Smokin' hot! Very nice.

    I'm so, SO late getting around to these YAmore posts, but better late than never. Love the blog (your author interviews are super helpful for the aspiring/me). :)


  9. Sweet! Was this steamy little scene in the book you queried to me? Maybe I should take a second look.