Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Writer's Story

This is a story of an aspiring writer, who wrote a novel that has not been published. The novel's name is KRELIS, and who knows maybe one day it will be on your local bookshelves.

Although KRELIS has not been published, she has moved on to other projects in hopes that one day her dream might be realized. One is a story of young witch and the other is about a girl who can read minds.

KRELIS is about a young wizard who is rather happy living on an isolated island in Known World. But one day he is propelled from being an apprentice to that of a full fledge wizard and equal with his master, Antigonus. Antigonus has a dream a hundred years in the making, and asks Krelis and his friends to go on a long and dangerous quest to collect dragon stones.

What are dragon stones?--you might ask. Dragon stones are just regular stones that form from the hearts of a deceased dragons, but when the stones are merged with the dragon's spirits, a transformation takes place, creating a powerful talismans. Talismans that have the power to change Known World.

Will Krelis and his friends be success? If they are successful will the reward be worth the price they pay? Maybe one day you will be able to know. :)

So here I invite you to follow me on my own personal quest. One of being published and sharing with you the stories that float in my head. It really isn't as scary as it sounds. :) Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or whatever your heart desires. :) And be sure to follow some of the other blogs and tweets that I do.

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