Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Writer's Story Part 2

So what makes you all want to write? Why do this?

As many of my writing friends know, writing is not easy. I think some people give it a shot because that is exactly what they think--"My easy peasy road to fame and fortune." But we all know that it is far, far from easy. Far--far--far. If there was a spectrum of hard to easy, writing would be a direct polar opposite of the easy mark. :)

So why do this?

I know why I did.

For years, I wanted to be a writer. I love to read, to be carried away to different situations and worlds, to fall in love with characters (sometimes literally :P ), and when I was in school, I loved to write stories and such, but I never pursued it as a career. When I was younger, I didn't have time, mostly I really didn't think I had the creativity. As I got older, I tried to write a couple of books, got to about page fifty, then would get side-tracked with kids and stuff and give up. (I commend all authors that have kids constantly pulling at their attention and still have the zing to it.)

Why now? I don't know why, but this time when I sat down with an idea, I was determined to see it through. And I did. My manuscript for KRELIS is done.

So what now?

I'm trying to find an agent for my high fantasy, KRELIS, and I have started another two books.

If you haven't published KRELIS why are you writing more? Apparently you don't have the talent to write?

For the first question--I am doing what writers do when they have a passion for the written word----Write. It doesn't matter if my first novel is published or not. For the second---maybe that is true, or maybe I just haven't found an agent that has the same passion for my story as I do, or maybe....??? I can't bother myself with that type of question. All I know, is I have stories in my head that I am going to get down on paper.

Does it matter if I get published or not?

I would love to be published. It is one of the reasons that I am doing this (only a small one though), but it is not mandatory for me to continue writing. I write because I love it.

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