Sunday, August 30, 2009

How do you keep going?

What do you do when the words don't seem to want to flow? How do you get past it?

When I finally get free time to sit down I find it rather frustrating that I can't progress any further on whatever manuscript I am working on. The words just seem stuck at my fingertips and refuse to be typed out along my computer screen.

So what do I do?

Often I will go back to the previous thing I was working on or maybe a bit further and read what I have down. This seems to help me get a direction on what I want to work on next. Another thing I will do is go take a long bath and think about my story. If neither of those work, I give up and read a book, which in turn helps me to get the creative juices flowing again. :)


  1. I have a Muse Playlist, soundtracks, scores, albums that inspire me, something that coincides with my WIP. I listen mostly to music with no lyrics to keep me from getting distracted.

    I also have a theme song for the WIP, one I listen to every morning before #amwriting to get me in the mood. I've suggested having a Muse Playlist to other writers on Twitter, and many have found it helpful.