Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Post 5

“Lyris,” he said as she stood and faced him, “you look wonderful.” She looked down and blushed. He loved that her emotions were displayed in her pale skin.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked leaning in for a kiss.

“It’s definitely more comfortable then a cot,” he said, he wouldn’t tell her of the nightmare he had, he knew that she was in it—that much he remembered. “I have a gift for you, I want you to open it now because you might want it later. He brushed her face with his hand. “Please sit down and close your eyes.” She did as he asked and he retrieved the box and laid it in her lap and sat next to her. “Open your eyes,” he said and she opened them.

She looked down and then looked back at him. Her eyes dilated and he smiled.

“Open it.” he whispered.

She pulled at the silver paper to reveal a dark cherry wood box. The clasp was brushed steel. She opened it with trembling fingers. Nestled in black silk lay a white sword. The sheath was white lacquer, the handle wrapped in white, a beaded tassel hung from the pommel. The hand guard was calla lilies carved in brushed steel like the clasp on the box. She looked at him and then back at the sword. She pulled it out and a length of white silk unrolled from the top of the sheath.

“There’s more,” he said. She pushed at the hand guard with her thumb and unsheathed the blade. She gasped, “Lyris and Noble Standing, April 25, 2093” was etched on the brushed steel blade. She turned the blade over, “Forever” was etched on the other side. She replaced the blade and laid it to her side, for a second he wondered if she liked it until she leaped into his arms and hugged him tight enough to squeeze the air out of him.

“No sword master should be without her blade even on her wedding day,” he said.