Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Post 2

She peeked up at the man who’d kept her from making an utter fool of herself and bit her bottom lip as heat invaded her body.

Kaige held on to Ebony’s waist and walked her back until she felt the cool wall unyielding behind her. He let go and placed a hand on either side effectively trapping Ebony between the wall and himself. She held her breath as his solid body crushed against hers. A yearning filled her center between her legs. She had no idea what the feeling could be, but she ached for it to release. She inhaled a sharp breath. His gaze smoldered in the shadows between them as they darted back and forth from her eyes to her lips and then he leaned his face in toward hers. Her heart hammered. She resisted the urge to push up against him. She closed her eyes unable to watch. Kaige’s lips brushed lightly against hers. A sigh escaped her lips.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the night you found me in your bed.” His whispered words roved over the sensitive flesh of her lips. Hot, sweet, words. A feeling Ebony never wanted to end.
Ebony arched her back and neck to meet him, but their lips didn’t quite touch. It was as if he were teasing her on purpose, keeping both their desires at bay. She felt the soft exhale, the hovering presence of his lips not even an inch away. She wanted to pull him closer but dared not move any further.