Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Post 1

As soon as Shanna said goodbye and shut the front door behind her, my lips found Dani’s in what was meant to be a brief welcome back.

Her returning heat was electric as she dug her mouth into mine, none too gently. It was the kind of instant sensuality that only came with the familiarity of being together for six years.

Her fingers dug into my arms as her mouth moved to my neck, her teeth grazing lightly on my shoulder.

I took her face in both of my hands, stilling her for a moment.

“Dani, honey, you just got back. We don’t have to do this.”

She let out a small, guttural noise that was so desperate my body shook in a quick shiver. I kissed her lips, the side of her cheeks, moving to her ears and neck as she let out a quiet moan.

Apparently not appeased with my slow movements, she pushed me back on the couch, putting a leg on either side of me and she sat on my lap. Again, her movements were desperate and practiced at the same time – placing my hands exactly where she wanted them to be.

As she pulled the muddy blouse up over her head, my hands found her wrists, stopping her again. There were dark purple bruises on her upper arms, on her wrists, a few red patches on her chest where they’d kept the wiring.

“Sweetheart, please. You probably need some sleep. Some pain killers. Something.”

She draped her arms around my neck, giving me a coy smile.

“I need you, Tate. So please,” another kiss on my lips. “Stop.” She lifted the bottom of my shirt up and put her lips lightly on the skin right above my jeans. “Talking.”

I obliged, gladly.