Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Twilight -- What about the writing?

Disclaimer: I am not a published author, just an aspiring. These are nothing more than thoughts that have wafted through my mind and might change tomorrow. More so, this is an opportunity for others to chime in and tell me and others what you think. I love to know people’s opinions.

Okay, I know Twilight has been criticized for breaking writing rules. Repetition of words, zeroing in on Edward’s eyes, and more telling than showing, and so on. Is that good or bad? Well let’s take a look.

When I first read Twilight, I read it as only a reader. Yes, I was starting on my first ms, but I had no clue about all the writing rules--the dos and don’ts. So as a reader, yes I did notice the repetition of some words. Did it bother me? Nope.

What about the ongoing references to Edward’s eyes? This is my thought--Edward’s eyes were a huge part of the story, his eyes told of his mood and thirst level, how original they were, how much she loved to gaze in them. It was an important part of the story. So maybe it should be repeated. Think of it this way-- when you meet someone that you are attracted to, maybe a first love, what is it that your first notice? Most might say eyes here. When you are talking to someone, what do you look into to gage reactions? Eyes and facial expressions. It is said that eyes are the windows into people’s souls, and I believe it.

Telling vs showing: Always told "Show don't tell...Show don't tell." Some say that most readers now days have short attention spans, and we (as published or aspiring authors/writers) have to jump into action and thrills. Now, this is something that I disagree with. I don’t think that is true. I think if a story pulls the reader forward, no matter how it is written, then that is all that is required.

What do you think the first important rule to writing is? I might be wrong, but I think the most important rule is for the writer to draw the reader into a world and hold them there. And if Mrs. Stephenie Meyer did that then she did her job as an author.

Okay, I have said this, now as an aspiring writer, what do I do? I try and follow the rules.

What is your opinion? Did you like Twilight or did you not find it to your liking?


  1. I agree... I never noticed all the writing do's and dont's in the novel. It was beautifully written and captured you instantly... Of course a lot of books are like that the City of bones, ashes, and glass are like that along with Vampire kisses, and the lastest one I'm reading evernight series. They all turned repetitive, did I notice at first no, but once i started reading more i did and it made me wonder about the ppl at other writing sites who inform you of it but most novels today I have notice are like this. They drew you in whether through the telling not showing or vise versa and I think as long as you have the reader hooked it shouldn't matter. As long as they are drawn in and don't want to leave the story then They did one hell of a job and who gives a crap about the rules. some rules are meant to be broken =)