Friday, September 18, 2009

Twilight the book vs the movie

I have been writing about Twilight this week, so I figured I would continue the trend. Once again, these are just observations on my part.

I know that movies change books for plot or action purposes. Take some characters out and add in additional ones.

But for Twilight there are definitely two things that they should have left in, in my opinion.

The first is the meadow scene. Yes, I know they kind of did it, but they missed it all up. The meadow scene should have been done like Mrs. Meyer had it in the book, or at least resembled it a bit more. It was a special place for Edward that was a part of him. A place where he went to be alone and enjoy being himself away from his home. And he shared it with Bella.

It was also where he moved away from Bella when she got to close, where he showed his vampiric abilities, where they first kissed, and it should have all been portrayed like the book had it.

Another thing that I think they should have kept was Edward constantly smelling her …aroma. It was important in the book to show that he was slowly becoming accustomed to her smell. Plus it brought closeness to them, that the movie was lacking just a little bit. Edward coming close to her neck and brushing his nose against her jaw line and taking her wrists, inhaling--becoming desensitized. It also portrayed Bella’s trust in him.

There are more, but now I want to talk about some scenes probably could have left out.
Edward tossing Bella on his back like a sack of potatoes and climbing trees. Did that really add to the movie? To me they could have cut it and maybe put a bit more effort into the meadow scene.
Bella and her father eating at the restaurant. I really didn’t understand why they didn’t have her fixing dinner at home. I know that maybe it wasn’t really all the important, but think about it. It showed a responsibility and need that Bella felt she had to take care of her father--like she took care of her mother. This was an important part of Bella’s persona in character development.

Okay, something I loved about the movie. I loved the fight scene at the end. That James was ripped apart and got what he deserved. Evil vampire that he was. :)

That being said, the New Moon trailer looks very promising. It seems that there will be a bit more emphasis on the Volturi, but I can see why for action purposes.


  1. I wish they would have had her cooking at home isntead of at the diner, too, but I do see why they decided to do that. They wanted to show more of Charlie's job, and the way they did that was to have him interacting with the community and talking about his job at the diner.

    I think they completely ruined the meadow scene, too.