Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Joy Evaporates

There are so many days that I just can't seem to get any words down. My brain is flooded with ideas, but I just don't get the opportunity to write. I am busy babysitting, my own children, my husband, cooking, cleaning, being a taxi, etc etc.

This last week though, with the children at school, my hubby out of town, and I didn't have to babysit, I actually got a total of 5,000 words down. 5,000 and I am thinking that is great. But then I visit other writers blogs or twitters that I follow and they do 1,000 words a day, and I get a little depressed.

I know all these other people are just as busy as I am with kids and work and real life. I just wish I knew how they do it. Where does their time come from?

And maybe it is just me.

If I really think about it. I have some time at night after the babysitting is over, the kids doing homework and what not, the hubby zoning on the television, but by then I am tired and I want some me time to read a book or maybe watch a movie.

Maybe I just need to get rid of me time, even if I am tired and worn out. Give it up and concentrate on what really matters to me, which is to finish my ms so that I can start on another.

What do you do when your day is so busy and you are tired in the evening? Do you write anyway? Do you figure out a way to make yourself time? I would like to know!!!


  1. Noooo! DON'T give up you time! Thats the worst thing for a writer.

    Instead of getting down on yourself for not writing as much as others, think about ALL the possibilities they could be getting a higher word count. Maybe they have a detailed outline they work off of when they have ten minutes here or there. Or they've been working out a scene the whole day and when it comes time for them to type it out, its simply a matter of, well, typing. Or they've been doing this for years, and have a rhythm that works for them.

    As for me, I don't work and I don't have kids. My whole day is based on writing, playing with my dogs or cat, watching TV, etc. I've got a pretty chill life compared to most writers, so I can churn out a lot. That doesn't mean I don't hit my own slumps.

    Keep your head up, or rather down and facing your writing notebook or WIP document. It'll come, just let it.