Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spencer Hill Press Summer Blog Run delay

I'm so sorry for any inconvenience, but the Spencer Hill Press Summer Blog Run will be delayed one more week due to my computer not being up and running, and everything else having to do with moving-type pain-in-the-butt issues.

Rest assure, the next contest will be August 13th.

I promise.

No seriously. I promise.

If I don't have another contest up, may the powers that be strike me with a...a....a feather.


  1. I am with you on computer problems. It's almost a helpless feeling when your computer crashes isn't it?
    Best wishes in repairs and in moving, which I'll soon be doing, too.

  2. lol- a feather seems safe! Good luck with your computer problems. It is such a pain when technology isn't working properly. Hopefully it all gets fixed soon. ;)