Sunday, July 29, 2012

Winner of Lisa Rogers' Goodies

I'd like to thank everyone for participating!!  And a special thanks to Lisa Rogers.

It was wonderful fun to read all the books that made you cry.

When I was younger two books that made me cry were Where the Red Fern Grows and Charlotte's Web. Yep, I cried when the spider died. Which is kind of funny since I hate spiders. And when I say hate, I mean despise.

Before I announce the winner, I do have an announcement.

I know. I know. Always making you wait before I announce the winner. Seriously, though, I'm not doing it this time to be evil. Well, maybe a little.

Back to the announcement...

The Spencer Hill Press Summer Blog Run will be taking a week break while I move back to my home. So, Texas, I hope you are ready for me. Plus, I will be offline for about four days, which really doesn't make me happy. I'll miss my internet so much. Oh, and all of you, too, of course.

So, without further ado...

The winner is....

*swishes around little bit of paper with names in the magic hat*

 Sara Elizabeth!!!


Grats Sara

Once again, thanks for participating.  Another contest will be up Monday, August 6th. Hope to see you all there.