Thursday, April 5, 2012


As you may or may not know:

I love hosting contests.

I love hosting different types of contests.

Writing is such an unending Ferris-wheel of ups and downs, learning, and experience.  And when I say unending, I mean that literally.  Since I started the voyage of writing many loops around the sun ago, I've learned so much.  From writing like I'm doing some sort of research paper to becoming my characters and breathing life into them.  From trying to incorporate everyone's advice to finding myself and bringing out my own voice within the words. And there is so much more for me to discover.

The contest I'll be hosting is with Kate Kaynak, editor from my most awesome publisher Spencer Hill Press.  You can mark PERFECTION as a "to read" on Goodreads.  Publication date is May 2013.  Yeah, it's a long way off, but everyday I'm still very excited.

Back to Kate...
Not only is Kate an editor for my most awesome publisher, but she is also the author of The Ganzfield Books: Minder, Adversary, Legacy, Accused, Operative, and Soulmate.  Go check out the Ganzfield site here.  When you're done with that, take the time to check out Kate's blog, follow her on twitter, and check out her facebook page  Yeah, Kate's pretty awesome!!

By the way, this is KATE!

So, you must be wondering what type of contest I've cooked up with you this time.  I'm gonna tell ya.


No, here...

Okay, here...

To enter this contest, you must write a jacket copy.  You know, one of the selling points of your novel.  As a matter of fact, Publishing Trends states it is the second most important part of selling your book.  Check out the article here.

You think it might be a good thing to practice?  Ya, me too.

So, your job is to sell Kate your book in 250 words or less.  Please note, a jacket flap is not a query.  It is a brief description of the book as a whole.  I highly suggest you read jacket flaps from books.  Bunch of  books.  Books you want to buy.  Books you don't want to buy.  Then compare them.

Sounds like a great reason to go to the bookstore.  *grin*

What's up for grabs?

A partial ten-page critique from Kate.  It's an awesome prize; not to mention, opportunity!


The contest doesn't open until April 9th.  This is nothing more than a heads-up.

On April 9th (not the day before, not the day after), I will post the rules to the contest.

So, take this time to do a little research and get your entries ready.  

Good luck!!




  1. Great contest. Kate is amazing, people, so enter this one!

  2. This is a cool idea! *runs over to bookshelf*

  3. Nice! I lover her blog.ONe of the first ones I started following.


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