Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally.. The Winner

As I said, I am really sorry for the delay in announcing the winner. Once in awhile, life tosses boulders at you and, then for fun, tosses a few more your way just to keep you on your toes.

Lauren stayed on her toes but there were things within her work and personal life that fell behind. She caught up.

So, therefore, I am very happy to announce the winner....

"Release the doves!"

The winner is....
Bonnie Rae!!!

For the wonderful ending she shared with us from her manuscript, NETHER BOUND.

I love the title.

****Bonnie, please email me.****

I hope, even with the delay, that this was a wonderful learning experience for you all. I know it is hard to tell how a book is just from the end...or is it?

How many of you are a wee bit guilty of flipping to the last page to see how a book ends? I'll admit it, I have.

The whole point of this contest was not for you to figure out what rest of the story was about, but to read an ending that left you wanting to read the rest of the book. You see if the voice, the words, the whole ending in itself sucked you in and left you going, "Wow! I have to read this story."

Please leave Bonnie a well deserved grats!

And please thank Lauren for her time, once again.