Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Contest Update


This is just an update on the contest so that you won't think we forgot about you. Cuz we didn't.

I'm know you saw this post then probably thought, "Finally, the winners announced!"

But...that is not so, and I'm sorry.

My super awesome agent, Lauren Hammond, had unforeseen family problems arise. She had a death then a grandparent had a stroke.

I just wanted to pop on here and update you with the things that has happened. I know it's been taking forever, but once in awhile things happen that you have no control over. So, please accept my apologizes.

Lauren has assured me that when things settle down a little she will get back with me on the contest.

In the meantime, please understand and be patient.

I truly am sorry for the delay.


J.L. Spelbring


  1. Hope everything works out! Prayers and well wishes that way!

  2. Oh no! Hope everything turns out okay. Thanks for the update.

  3. Hope things turn up for her, thanks for keeping us informed.