Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exciting News

Good Morning!!!

I'm ever so excited to become an actually part of my extended family over at the Oasis for YA blog.

I'd like to thank my wonderful sisters for having me.  So, thank you: Larissa Hardesty, Jessie Harrell, Nikki Katz, Sheri Larsen, J.A. Souders, and A.E. Rought.  :)

Over the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of beta-reading for these talented authors, interviewing them, hosting contests with them--and even some of their agents.

And NOW, I'm going to be an active member of their blog. So, you can catch me there and here. :)

Over at the Oasis for YA blogs, the girls are very active, bringing you contests, query critiques, contests, book reveals, raising awareness for causes, and talking about writing in general. Oh, and did I mention contests?

Lots of great information for readers and writers, alike!!!

So, if you hadn't the pleasure of meeting the wonderful, talented girls over at Oasis for YA, be sure to stop by and tell them hi. :)  And to add some brownie points for me, tell them I sent you.

By the way, being the great blog host I am, I even provided you the link. It's here -->>Oasis for YA!

Always thinking about my readers. Have to make it easy.

Enjoy visiting the blog!!