Sunday, September 23, 2012

Winner of Mary Gray's Goodies


I want to thank each and everyone of you for commenting and participating in The Spencer Hill Press Summer Blog Run. I've learned so much about all the awesome authors, and a little about the readers, too. It was rather quite fun.

I, also, want to send a special thanks to all the authors, who participated. Especially for letting me pick their brains with a jillion (of course, that is an exaggeration) questions.


*swishes names around in magic hat of tricks*

The winner of the final prize is...drum roll please, 

*rat-a-tat-tat*  <--that's my drum roll

Elizabeth Prats!!!!

Grats Elizabeth. Thank you so much for commenting. And thank you, Mary, for the prize.

Now, some more awesome news....

The authors of Spencer Hill Press who participated in the run and I want to extend a GRAND PRIZE of $100 GC from either B&N or Amazon (you get to choose).  Pretty awesome addition to the wonderful prizes each had donated already.

AND, just in time for know, to buy presents for yourself.

More about the grand prize will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to come back then.